What is a Social Business?

A social business is a business which encourages and facilitates a more open dialogue between colleagues, internally within an organisation and externally with your supply chain and your customers.

It allows people to create business value: put your hand up and ask a question, answer the question being asked, work together as a team …where the best of your ideas is harnessed and the route to making a decision is shortened.

What happens as a result of making my business Social?

Your business will become a more open and transparent organisation, one that encourages contribution and highlights and rewards their personnel.  It will:

improve performance > become more productive,  involve the right people at the outset, get to the answer quicker…

deepen customer relationships > foster better customer engagement which will deepen the relationship – people buy from people and social business facilitates that ethos

outpace the competition > because, as a result of better customer engagement your offering is better tailored to your market, your market is involved at the outset and all the way through the process, there is better satisfaction – you are doing a better job than your competition

…and certainly that is what your competition will be working towards even if you aren’t

How do I make my business Social?

Improve Communication – make it easy keep track of it and retrieve and utilise what knowledge you have and use that information to win more business….

Use the IBM SmartCloud portfolio of workplace software tools unlocking the ability to communicate better