It is really important that all users can get up and running as quickly as possible, that’s why we’ve put together a selection of documents and videos to help you do that today.

We also recognise that once you’ve had a quick look you may want some one on one training just to make sure you’ve understood correctly and aren’t missing anything.

For groups of users and/or administrators you may feel it worthwhile to sit for half a day and be trained onsite, no interruptions!

Once you are up and running and have a feel for the tool you may also want to do a day’s workshop to better understand what you can get out of this tool and look at other areas within your business that this tool could benefit.

Our training options include:

  • Documents and Videos – Step by Step Guides
  • Remote 1:1 training for users and administrators (1-2 hours)
  • Onsite user training
  • One day adoption workshop (once familiar with the product to ensure you’re getting the most out of the tool)

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